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EnginSoft renews its invitation to what has become a traditional and much appreciated occasion for all users of CAE and virtual prototyping technologies. EnginSoft’s annual Meeting will be hosted in the elegant Villa Caroli-Zanchi, near Stezzano/Bergamo, on 25th and 26th October 2007.

The contribution of CAE to the design and productive processes and the related news and updates are the main perspectives of the debate. “Priorities and challenges” is this edition’s viewpoint and motto, reflecting the wish to understand and synthesize the context shared by everyone involved in the growth and development of this sector: Industries, software producers, the scientific community, training institutions.

The event reflects, summarizes and presents

  • The priorities perceived and expressed by industry, for its indispensable demand for innovation. There are challenges to be taken on as the emergence of something new, and its effect on the ongoing transformation process also involves timely actions and organizational visions.
  • The priorities perceived by the software technology producers, to whom the control of the commercial dynamics of the sector is crucial. They also face challenges, for an effective implementation of what research offers, implies a farsighted compromise between correctness and scientific relevance, in line with the usefulness and effectiveness on the application level.
  • The priorities and challenges perceived by the scientific community, to whom simulation-based engineering sciences are becoming increasingly important, as an indispensable extension of existing knowledge tools. A scenario, however, that is forcing scientists to a somehow difficult coexistence between different approaches.
  • The priorities and challenges perceived by the market leaders, with specific reference to what has recently turned the international market order upside down: the ANSYS Inc. takeover of Fluent Inc.

To all those involved, EnginSoft aims at dedicating a privileged occasion for debate and information exchange, to analyse state of the art and the trends leading towards growing innovation and improvement of technological tools, to meet industry’s demand for competitiveness.

The direct contribution and witness provided by technology producers with regard to process design, analysis, simulation and integration, as well as by users of CAE software and virtual prototyping tools, will offer first-class application examples and interesting starting points for discussion.

The meeting agenda mainly comprises general sessions and specific sessions, - conceived as software-oriented Users’ Meetings, with reference to the main technologies EnginSoft supports: ANSYS, ANSYS/Fluent, ANSYS/CFX, modeFRONTIER, MAGMASOFT, FORGE, LS-DYNA among others, as well as Update Seminars. The event will be made complete with an exhibition area for those interested in presenting and displaying their software- and hardware products and related services.

Call for papers: You are invited to submit your abstract and paper online, following the instructions given on the meeting website

You can register online, the registration fee is 250 Euros + VAT.

For further information, please contact:

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