modeFRONTIER Users' Meeting

Esteco GmbH and EnginSoft S.p.A. are pleased to present the modeFRONTIER complementary events to promote the modeFRONTIER Technology. Our primary mission is to broaden our customers' knowledge in the modeFRONTIER Technology. It is for this reason that we actively support the modeFRONTIER European Network. Developed and produced by ES.TEC.O., modeFRONTIER is the world class software technology for PIDO – Process Integration and Multi Objective Design Optimization. PIDO is the new emerging approach to CAE and, more generally, to simulation-based engineering science which is revolutionizing the design process at all industrial levels. In line with such principles and objectives to promote and disseminate the modeFRONTIER Technology, Users’ Meetings and Conferences are organized to serve as forums for all European partners. All of these events offer ideal platforms to exchange latest information, know-how and experiences with users, experts and software developers. The first event exclusively devoted to modeFRONTIER, will be held in Germany, at the DCA, Stuttgart Airport, on 2nd October 2007. Prof. Carlo Poloni, President and Luka Onesti, Software Development Manager of the ES.TEC.O. srl Trieste Headquarter, will present future visions and planned enhancements of the modeFRONTIER software. The meeting will be made complete with presentations by modeFRONTIER users, discussions, information and experience exchange. The event will be followed by the modeFRONTIER Italian Users' Meeting, hosted within the EnginSoft Users' Meeting 2007, and taking place in Stezzano/Bergamo - Italy on 25th and 26th October 2007. The two days' agenda will include general sessions to analyse state-of-the-art and future perspectives of CAE and virtual prototyping tools as well as specific meetings dedicated to major CAE software. Special emphasis will be given to modeFRONTIER and its transversal compatibility that allows easy integration with most available CAE tools. Presentations of new enhancements and application cases will enrich the debate, stimulating users’ discussions and opinion sharing. The two complementary events are designed as main meetings for all members to join and share opinions, projects, ideas and visions. Customers interested in widening their knowledge in modeFRONTIER, will have the opportunity to meet the people behind the technology. Besides their highly qualified technical character dedicated to the exchange of experiences and circulating data on complementary CAE expertises, these events are designed as occasions for mutual understanding and collaboration towards innovation.

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